Treat me like a lady

New campaign for WOMEN Inc.

Did you know that women have a 60 percent higher chance to get side effects from medication than men? And that the signs of a heart attack differ between men and women? As a result women often get the wrong medication, wrong diagnoses or don’t even get diagnosed at all.

Medical science is based on the male body and that has major consequences for the health of women. It literally costs lives. The reason for this lack of knowledge is that women are ‘difficult’ to use in medical studies. They have fluctuating hormone levels that influence test results and make research more costly. Also there’s the change that they might be pregnant. As a result women are excluded from medical studies and chances are the that the medicine that you keep in your cabinet have never been tested on a woman.

WOMEN Inc. has been lobbying among medical professionals for years to change this. And now it’s also time that the public learns about the facts. So we developed the ‘Treat me like a lady’ campaign for them.

Photography: Robin de Puy
Animation: Bas Mooij