New Pan-European campaign 'Today's Look'

Today’s Look is

For clothing retailer C&A we developed a pan-European campaign, that is launched across 21 countries. Titled “Today’s Look is”, the campaign echoes the brand’s egalitarian roots by celebrating the daily life of C&A customers. The campaign gives a stage to real people and real lives, capturing and sharing recognizable moments: all the adventures, challenges, joy and drama of the day-to-day.

For the dog walk, not the catwalk

‘Today’s Look’ engages the audience with recognisable life moments through lines like ‘Today’s Look is for that Friday feeling, even if it’s Monday’, ‘Today’s Look is all in the family’ and ‘Today’s Look is for the dog walk not the catwalk.’

The campaign is launched across different communication channels, kicking off digitally with an online film and continuing on the brand’s website, in-store, through out of home executions and on social media. It also includes a newspaper which explains and launches the campaign to press and store partners.