Internet crime is an increasing problem, and it’s something you mostly have to deal with yourself. For example by always keeping all your software- and apps updated on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. Because these often contain security updates that keep your details save. Too many people don’t know that, and on top of that people wrongly believe that ‘it won’t happen to them’. That’s why the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security wants to help you protect yourself from Internet crime with a national awareness campaign.

How do you simplify such a complex and abstract subject into something specific and urgent. By showing the digital threat as something tangible in a familiar daily setting. And by giving the audience a simple call to action. The three campaign-video’s are mainly visible on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We also created a radio commercial that calls on people to take measures against internet crime. Different IT and Telecom companies and organisations support the campaign. They use there own channels to promote it.