Dutch Film Festival - NFF

All Dutch Film Lovers

The Dutch Film Festival is about connections: between filmmakers and their audience, fans and actors, directors and critics… but also between world views and cultures. The Dutch Film Festival — like the Netherlands — is more diverse than ever, and this year we’re celebrating that diversity. After all, the Dutch Film Festival is for all Dutch Film lovers.

Film Karaoke

Apart from the print campaign — which focuses on meetings between actors and their fans — you can dub your favorite Dutch film scene with the online platform Filmkaraoke.nl. Here, you can star in several scenes from famous Dutch films and then share your own version on social media. This online tool is promoted with the aid of cinema commercials.

film fans with famous names

The annual Dutch Film Festival (NFF), brings films from Dutch ground. To show that the festival is welcoming every film fan and not just an exclusive incrowd, KesselsKramer developed a campaign where Dutch celebrity names are combined with unknown persons who happen to have the same names. Ordinary film fans with famous names like Katja Schuurman, Kim van Kooten, Jan Kooijman and Michiel Huisman are crossing the red carpet where they give interviewed to journalist and documentary maker Michiel van Erp.