Find what you need

Finding what you need can be quite a challenge. Let alone finding what you need at the moment you need it.
In its second campaign for eBay Russia, KesselsKramer underlines eBay’s unique market position in a series of 3 short but sharp tv commercials directed by René Nuijens. With millions of items from all over the world delivered at your very doorstep, eBay believes you can find what you want. And thanks to eBay’s collection based site structure, they’re pretty sure you’ll find it when you need it too.

The world in your hand

eBay – the global online marketplace, and a new client of KesselsKramer – launched its service in Russia in 2010. To continue its success, KesselsKramer has been tasked to turn high brand awareness into higher conversion.

The solution for this task is to say that eBay is shopping that empowers: there’s the promise of high quality discoveries; an unmatched international offering; and a curated experience through smart personalisation. In other words, eBay is what a shop would look like if it was perfectly, personally curated to your needs. And it adapts its experience and “shop window” to every user’s personal preferences.
This has resulted in a campaign whose theme is “The world in your hand", or as they say in Russian "ВЕСЬ МИР ПОД РУКОЙ”. The 30 second TV and online film is shot by Spanish collective Canada.