Get nature on your side

As agency of record for the sustainable cleaning brand Ecover, KesselsKramer – together with KesselsKramer London – has introduced the theme “Get Nature On Your Side”. The campaign’s aim is to encourage its audience to see the benefit of nature’s science in creating effective, nonpolluting cleaning products. KesselsKramer worked together with French artist, Sandrine Boulet, to bring Ecover’s philosophy to life with anthropomorphized ducks, trees and mops. The campaign theme appears on the redesigned packaging, as well as in digital formats and other media, breaking across Europe.

Ecover Ocean Plastics Project – Online video

In an exclusive partnership with Tesco, Ecover launched the Ocean Bottle. This limited edition Ecover washing-up liquid is made from 100% recycled plastic, part of which is waste plastic fished from the ocean – the first of its kind.