How do you transform two very different museums into one without alienating the loyal clientele, while in the mean time expanding to a much broader audience?
By celebrating opposites as something complementary, because when two extremes meet something new and exciting arises. So ‘meet at’ Frans Hals Museum Haarlem.

The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem is best known for its Golden Era art, especially for the works of Frans Hals. De Hallen is another museum in Haarlem. It’s known for its contemporary art and is located within walking distance from the Frans Hals Museum. Both museums have decided to join forces. From now on they are one museum on two locations under the name Frans Hals Museum. A bold move, because it means that the collections will merge into one and that the future expositions will be fusion expositions, combining old and new.

Pixels meet paint
KesselsKramer was asked to develop the complete new visual identity of the museum. We also needed to guide the 18 months transition prior to the launch and the national launch campaign.

The colorful new visual identity is implemented in every single detail of the museum. From entrée tickets, to lockers, stationary, coffee cups, wallpaper, signage, museum shop products, employee clothing and more. In communication and online we literally let opposites meet. We visually combine contemporary and classic art and use the ‘meet at’ construct in copy: old meets young, left meets right, pixels meet paint.