Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

The Hans Brinker Amsterdam is KesselsKramer’s oldest client. Since 1996, we’ve championed the Brinker’s truly awful service and (anti) amenities in media from digital to dogshit.

Hans Brinker – Like

After years of hanging on to their solid reputation of being the ‘worst’ hotel in the world, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is now trying to become the most ‘likable’ hotel in the world. The Hans Brinker found out that being a savage budget hotel is no reason for people not to like them. So, the hotel is doing its absolute best to become as likable as they possibly can. “How,” you ask? By asking people to come and like its improbably awful food, service and door guy… and marvel at how its toilets flush (or don’t). Together with some artwork of Anthony Burrill, what’s not to like?

Hans Brinker – Upgrades

After almost two decades of claiming to be the world’s worst hotel, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has realized that it has nowhere else to go… except up.

Hans Brinker – Archive

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam prides itself on being the world’s worst hotel. By celebrating its bad points over more than a decade and a half KesselsKramer helped reach a target group of backpackers distrustful of advertising. By daring to be the worst, the Brinker reached maximum occupancy on a weekly basis. Those who summoned the courage to step through its creaking doors were surprised to find the hotel not (quite) as bad as advertised. A reaction that helped reduce the Brinker’s complaints.