‘Kempen Capital Management’ and ‘Kempen & Co merchant bank’ will from now on be known simply as ‘Kempen’. Besides a new name and visual identity Kempen has been on the look out for a whole new brand identity. To keep things as Kempen as possible, KesselsKramer has conducted a series of interviews with large groups of employees, which eventually resulted in ‘Turning dedication into value’ as the core of the brand’s positioning.

Together with visual artists Van Santen & Bolleurs, KesselsKramer created a new self explanatory—yet playful visual communication style. And we’ve come up with a dynamic copy construct with which the images seem to merge perfectly. The images form the basis for the new website, designed and built by TamTam and a whole new brand film animated by Bas Mooij and sound designed by Recsound (Melcher Meirmans).