Water in plastic bottles is over a thousand times more expensive than tap water. Still lots of people keep drinking water from plastic bottles, even though our oceans are already full of plastic and our water supply network is one of the best in the world.

Luckily for us, the tap water-generation is here and they’re on a mission: getting everyone to drink more tap water. From a glass, or otherwise straight from the tap. The campaign has been initiated in close cooperation with Dutch artist Helmut Smits for the Zero Footprint Campus – Project. It makes use of the custom composed ‘Kraanwater’ anthem by Dutch rapper Ome Omar, lots of kraanwater merchandise, an Instagram account and a tap water themed stand at the Utrecht Science Park where visitors can take part in several tap water activities.

The tap water generation calls on you to give tap water the pedestal it deserves. Songs, art, memes, every idea you have about the promotion of drinking tap water is welcome. Post it using #kraanwatergeneratie as a hashtag.