Migraine has an image problem because of persistent negative prejudices. As a result the chronic disease is not taken seriously. How do you explain the seriousness of this issue without turning those who suffer from it into victims? By no longer labeling migraine as a side issue, but as a main issue (hoofdzaak).

Over 2 million people in the Netherlands suffer from migraine. 200.000 of them are children. That makes migraine the second most strenuous diseases worldwide. It has a huge impact on people’s daily life, not only for those who suffer from it but also for their surroundings. Yet the impact of this chronic physical disease is highly underestimated, by doctors, by co-workers and even by patients themselves. Too often people with migraine are not taken seriously because of persistent negative prejudices. While those who suffer from it are juggling deadlines, a mortgage, family and friends. A normal life, like everyone else and they do all that, while suffering from tremendous attacks that can last up to 72 hours (or more).

For WOMEN Inc., the Migrainefonds, the Vereniging van Nederlandse Hoofdpijncentra (VNHC) and the Nederlandse Hoofdpijn Vereniging (NHV) we created this campaign we worked together with artist Guda Koster who created costumes that symbolize the strain migraine has on people. We created key-images, online assets and a campaign video, which is directed by Johan Timmers.