Nederland Leest

A different cover for each province

Nederland Leest or “Holland Reads,” is an initiative of CPNB, and promotes annual giveaways of free books at Dutch libraries. This years edition is filled with short stories collected by Dutch author A.L Snijders. He discribes short stories as ‘little snippets of life’ which inspired us for the cover designs.

Each province in the Netherlands has it’s own edition with an extra story that is written by a local author. For each edition we created a different cover design, all with a subtile hint referring to a characteristic of the province. Asperges for instance, that refer to Limburg or a cobble that refers to Drente.

For all libraries in the Netherlands we designed a small display that can be used as a cabinet of curiosities. Displaying the book and ‘little snippets of life’, just like we did on the covers.

Photography by Putput.