Alongside the new exhibition Life in the Universe, NEMO Science Museum is launching a campaign encompassing the entire history of the universe. As in the exhibition the campaign takes you on a thrilling journey through the universe from The Big Bang right through to the creation of you. The use of homemade props and choreography of human hands create an ‘animation’ that manages to explains the complex story of life in the universe in a simple and entertaining way.

The campaign takes this infinite and sometimes incomprehensible theme and breaks it down, illustrating it as small as possible. By using little polystyrene balls, clay planets and an inflatable globe to explain how it is possible that we are made up of recycled dinosaurs, that space travel is much less fun than you think and that the earth is by far the most amazing planet we know of.

The campaign engages NEMO’s vision of making science more accessible to a broader audience in playful and entertaining way. KesselsKramer developed the campaign, which consists of digital posters, pre-rolls, cinema advertising, print and several GIF animations.