ONVZ is searching for personal secrets to a healthy life. In the new campaign that KesselsKramer developed for the health insurance company we visit various people who have all found their own secret to be healthy. Bio-hacker Teemu Arina, Alzheimer patient Leo van Dijk, the inhabitants of a Blue Zone in Sardinia and four friends who swim together in the IJssel before te city wakes up, all tell their stories in mini-documentaries.

The Finnish bio-hacker has found a way to use technology to stay in touch with nature, while 85 year old Van Dijk uses rhythm and regularity as support in coping with his illness. KesselsKramer developed five mini-documentaries that form the basis for a brandfilm, social media content and print ads.

This multi-year content campaign is the beginning of the new positioning of ONVZ being much more than just a health insurance. They want to help and inspire people with healthy living and are constantly searching for more knowledge, innovations and insights to improve their products. ONVZ believes that knowing more about health makes you more self assured. This is the captured in a new pay-off; ‘verzekerd van jezelf’ (assured of yourself).