‘We love Graphic Design’ is an annual design festival in Copenhagen Denmark. Every year they ask a different party to design that years’ visual identity. This year (2016) it was our turn.

We too love graphic design, but what we don’t love is ‘design just for the design’. We believe that in order to make great graphic design you need to have other hobbies too. Because when you have a great passion for random other things, your design will become a lot more interesting.

So this years’ identity wasn’t going to need slick, complicated and amazing design. Rather it highlighted the name of the festival (quite literally) and took the theme a step further. By doing this we wanted to inspire more designers to step out of their comfort zones, start a new passion and as a result, make interesting design that everyone will love. Or hate of course.

We asked the speakers what their other interests were, and used this in their introduction video’s.