Where is my €300.000?

Since 2004, Dutch foundation WOMEN Inc. has been on a mission to increase opportunities for women in the Netherlands. As of 2013, WOMEN Inc. decided to focus on a theme vitally important to women: the pay gap between genders. To draw attention to this, KesselsKramer produced posters calling attention to the fact that men earn 300,000 euros more than women over the course of a lifetime (photography by Isabelle Wenzel). At the same time, we stimulate women to find out what they’re worth with an online test. Take the test here

In the next stage of the campaign, we created an online film together with Margôt Ros and Maike Meijer, known from satirical Dutch television program Toren C. In the film, Maike and Margôt go to extreme lengths to close the gender pay gap.

In addition to address women directly, we also call on Dutch politicians to take their responsibility to place the pay gap between genders on the political agenda. That’s why we came up with a stunt to let politicians experience how large the pay gap actually is and feels by placing a bath filled with €300.000 euros in front of The House of Representatives in The Hague.

Online film with Toren C

Online test

Money bath stunt

Photos by Ilvy Njiokiktjien