I'm not here right now

We developed a new campaign for Dutch foundation WOMEN Inc., whose mission is to increase opportunities for women in the Netherlands. The campaign calls on women to down tools and take a time out for a worthy cause on May 1st. Women currently take on double the amount of care tasks as men, and there’s more coming. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to prevent additional social care duties automatically appearing on women’s ‘to-do’ lists.

The ever-increasing discrepancy in work-care division often comes at the expense of women’s workplace participation. "I’m not here right now” appeals to society at large and calls on not only women but also men and employers to pull up their sleeves, blow the dust off and give this issue the social and political attention it deserves.

KesselsKramer produced posters, a website (developed together with Just and Bratpack) and a radio campaign calling all women to take a time out on the 1st of May to think about where all of their care goes. On the 1st of May all women in Holland make the statement “I’m not here right now”.

How much do you care? Visit ikbenerevenniet.nl to join in!

Photography by: Annie Collinge
Set design: Sarah May