The Embarrassment Show

Embarrassment is important. If you’re not willing to humiliate yourself, make mistakes and downright fuck-up, you should consider working in a cubicle farm. It’s safer there. Because as a creative, you’ll be called an idiot at least once a day.

Making mistakes and risking embarrassment, even failure, is how you progress. Without it, you’ll be stuck in the same old safe zone: not embarrassed, but not better either. So if we want to do this thing we love, make stuff, we have to get over our need not to look stupid.

The Embarrassment Show started as a workshop by Erik Kessels for 2nd year Écal students, which developed into a travelling exhibition.
It stretches the abilities of the students to the limit. By embarrassing themselves they are able to tell a personal, often embarrassing and risky story. They went into a subject area of photography they normally didn’t dare to touch.


Unseen Amsterdam, Holland
September 2015