Useful Photography #013

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We are happy to announce the release of Useful Photography #013.
Men have been chronicling the phallus on film for decades, much to the surprise and amusement of their mates and mistresses. But it’s the first time these practical portraits have been bundled in a book.

UP #013 takes you on a wild ride through the magical world of flesh photography that is both humorous and at times, unexpectedly educational. Useful Photography is a magazine that shines the spotlight on overlooked and underwhelming images taken for practical purposes. Past issues include portraits of cows for sale, weird rifle targets, and the lost art of puzzling. This thirteenth issue presents a day in the life of Dick; an inspiring, ingenious and definitely revealing journey through 24 hours of (at least half of) the world’s favorite fleshy appendage. From the moment Dick wakes up at 6.38am to the moment he turns off the lights at night and all those wonderfully mundane moments in between.

Never did we imagine we would have enough material to be able to erect an appropriately sized monument to male vanity, let alone document every facet of Dick’s daily grind. Brace yourself for this brand new publication and please be aware that it might not be suitable for work, or vegetarians (this product may contain traces of nuts).

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Useful Photography #013

15 September 2015